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What Led Us to Form Our Strategic Partnership

What Led Us to Form Our Strategic Partnership

In this video, Michele Hassid, Eric Briese and Bruce Frankel explain why EAC and EWM partnered to provide integrated tax, accounting and wealth management services for our clients.


Michele Hassid: I realized some years ago that, as a CPA firm, we needed to evolve from being compliance-oriented – focused on preparing tax returns, preparing financial statements – to being client-centric. And that is, being more relevant to what our clients’ needs are.

Eric Briese: The old traditional model is very much entrenched in society. Having separate financial advisors, and tax, and accounting advisors is disjointed.

Michele Hassid: They need more than tax return preparation or financial statement audits and work that is traditional for CPA firms. So, we would work with multiple investment advisory and financial planning firms, but it was always a little bit fragmented.

Bruce Frankel: People are having to jump around. They have to bounce around from advisor to advisor to advisor, learn what they’re recommending and then coordinate that with the advisor that’s not sitting there at the table. Over the years I’ve just seen this not work over and over and over again.

Michele Hassid: This partnership really brings all the pieces together in one place for our clients.

Eric Briese: Tax and wealth management are so interrelated that it just makes a lot of sense for it to be combined into one partnership.

Bruce Frankel: One case, in particular, was a client who was genuinely frustrated at having all this separate. And when we described to him one service, one seamless service with one cost – one package of services together that he’s paying one fee for, and he’s going to be able to work with all of us at one time – he said it was a no-brainer for him. I just think we’re going to be able to help people to a much greater degree and that excites me about my work.


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