Hope  Anderson

Hope Anderson

Marketing/Sales Coordinator at EAC

Hope incorporates a warm smile, professional attitude and an overall understanding of what our clients need.

A self-described “Jane of all trades,” Hope has been with our firm since 2014 - serving as Client Service Specialist with EAC before transitioning to Marketing/Sales Coordinator in 2019. She develops integrated marketing and sales strategies as well as lead generation for both EAC and EWM. Her background includes marketing, human resources, administration, customer service, even door-to-door sales for a telecommunications giant. She holds a BA in International Economics from Sonoma State University, with a minor in Spanish, and has worked in the area of global finance and as a Personal Assistant and Administrative Assistant for small startups.

With her 30+ years in Customer Service, Hope understands the importance of developing and maintaining great relationships with clients: “I have always loved working with people and helping them get their needs met.” 

When Hope is not working you can find her either in a meditation class or out hitting the trails of Marin.