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Our first priority is helping you make your impact in the communities that you serve. We accomplish this by working together closely as strategic partners. Our in-house partnership gives us deep insight to provide you with opportunities to gain creative financial and business strategies. 

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We Can Help You: 

  • Gain Increased Exposure to New Clients  

  • Learn How to Best Help Investors to Sell 

  • Learn How to Grow Your Business with 1031 Exchanges

  • Learn How to Get Rid of the 45-Day Challenge 

  • Help Your Clients Get Rid of the Terrible T's  

  • Increase Credibility with Investment Property Owners

  • Network with Other Real Estate Professionals

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Increase Your Credibility 

Increase Your Credibility 

Real estate agents play a significant role during the course of a real estate transaction. That includes the advisory role played by agents involved with investment and commercial property transactions. Real estate sellers of those types of properties make investment decisions based on many factors which include financial considerations such as taxation. The most widely used tax deferral tool is to complete a 1031 exchange. We can help you can the knowledge you need to be the credible resource that real estate investors can rely on. 

Real Estate Mastermind Group 

Real Estate Mastermind Group 

Investment real estate can help enable investors to realize regular income, capital appreciation, diversification from stocks and bonds and tax benefits.

Join our virtual webinar Real Estate Mastermind sessions to gain knowledge and insight to learn how to grow your real estate business, increase your credibility, and increase your prospective clients. 

Join Eckhoff Real Estate Mastermind Group 

Tuesday, November 17th @ 11AM


How do you evaluate and benchmark your investment property?

How to avoid capital gains taxes through exchanges and charitable giving. 

When does it make sense to form a formal Real Estate business entity?


*This Webinar is Intended for Real Estate Professionals Only  


Tuesday, December 15th @11AM


What are the opportunities present for 1031 exchanges into commercial real estate?

What is a Delaware statutory trust (DST)? 

  • What are the advantages, disadvantages, costs?

*This Webinar is Intended for Real Estate Professionals Only