Our Mission

As your financial partners and advocates, Eckhoff and Company & Eckhoff Wealth Management are on a mission to provide seamless service for your entire financial life. Not only for your personal benefit, but for the people and causes you care about most.

We accomplish our mission by working together closely as strategic partners. Our in-house partnership gives us deep insight into minimizing your taxes, maximizing your wealth, and providing year-round opportunities to brainstorm creative financial and business strategies.

This business model creates a financial “one-stop shop” aimed at integrating your wealth picture together in one place. From the beginning, our goal has been to simplify personal finances. 

A change to your portfolio might make sense for your long-term investment strategy, but can impact a short-term tax planning goal. When your CFP® and CPA aren’t on the same page, neither are your finances. Rather than spend your time traveling from one office to another, your EAC and EWM advisors can ask questions and gain insight into an outside area of expertise from a trusted professional - right across the hall. By eliminating the game of telephone that sometimes happens between financial professionals, EAC and EWM work hard to ensure every decision is made with your entire financial outlook in mind.

We are high-touch, independent firms designed in the spirit of creative collaboration. We are a one-stop shop intent on serving your holistic financial needs, together. Our integrated model allows us to contribute exponentially to the continued strength of our community by helping its members succeed. Because when our clients thrive, so does their ability to contribute to the communities in which they operate.

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Hear more from partners Michele Hassid, Eric Briese and Bruce Frankel about how the strategic partnership between EAC and EWM benefits our clients.