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Our clients can rely on the advice and guidance from Eckhoff and Company & Eckhoff Wealth Management because we are all focused on fulfilling the same purpose: streamlining the financial lives of the individuals, families and small to mid-sized business owners we serve while minimizing complexities to ensure better outcomes across the board.

Our licensed, highly credentialed professionals are committed to a team-based approach that puts your needs front-and-center. From the accountants at EAC to the wealth managers and fiduciary advisors across the hall at EWM, every person you encounter will work with purpose so you can meet your financial goals - and be equipped to make confident decisions for a lifetime.

Through the entire process, we set our clients up for long-term success in the following ways:

We Work Together

We Work Together

As full-service firms, EAC and EWM are happy to coordinate on behalf of our client’s accounting and tax needs. Together under the same roof, EWM and EAC can work together to make sure the wealth management side of your life is synergized with the tax and accounting aspects.

Our collaborative spirit extends to professionals outside of our firms. If you like your current accountant or CPA, we want you to keep them. We work very well with others and believe the team-based approach to financial services is the best approach. Regardless of whether that’s with us or someone else.

We Offer Choices 

We Offer Choices 

We believe our clients should have the right to choose which investment management process they prefer.

Strategic Money Management: This traditional approach follows academic theory that has been used by most money managers and large firms for decades. At your request, our advisors will follow this disciplined process while using the latest technology and quarterly rebalancing techniques.

Dynamic Portfolio Management: This method relies on the latest quantitative technology tools to implement a strict sell and re-entry philosophy. The overarching goal of this process is to help mitigate the severe ups and downs of economic corrections and bear markets.

We Focus on Education

We Focus on Education

Whether you’re seeking our services for yourself or your business, you will receive educational resources and sessions from the EAC and EWM teams.

Business Discovery Session (EAC): During this educational session, we will help you identify and discuss areas of frustration, potential growth, and improvement, before forming a plan of action to bring your business goals into focus.

Complimentary Financial Second Opinion (EWM): For clients with more than $500,000 in investable assets, we will review your current strategy and analyze whether you’re on track to meet your retirement lifestyle goals. Throughout this process, we’ll provide insight and education on why you are — or aren’t — on the right path to achieving your financial endeavors. Whether you’ve been with your current advisor for days or decades, you should feel confident in what your financial future holds.

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