Improve Your Investment Property to Best Benefit You

The 1031 exchange can be a great tool to increase your cash flow by deferring taxes. Real estate investors have used it for decades. Through a properly executed 1031 exchange, you can legally delay paying taxes on investment gains when you sell a qualified property. 

Learn the Steps of the 1031 Exchange Process 

Learn the Steps of the 1031 Exchange Process 

A 1031 exchange allows an investor to sell an asset in a flat, declining, and/or over-valued market and re-invest their total proceeds in under-appreciated markets that may potentially see stronger future growth. This strategy can add significantly to an investor’s overall return, if successful.

*There is no guarantee that any strategy will be successful or achieve investment objectives

<b>How Eckhoff Can Help</b>

How Eckhoff Can Help

At our firm, our CFP® and CPA professionals can help you complete a proper evaluation of your real estate portfolio to ascertain if your current situation is what you want and expect from your investment.

We Can Solve the 45 Day Challenge For You 

Anyone who has attempted a 1031 Exchange knows that 45 days can go by quickly when choosing a replacement property. DSTs can take the headache out of the identification process by offering investors numerous properties that can be identified immediately. 

Learn How to Get Rid of The Terrible T's

Some investors are tired of dealing with the day to day responsibilities of actively managing real estate. With a DST, investors can still enjoy the benefits of owning real estate without dealing with the tenants, toilets, and trash - The Terrible T's. 

Real Estate Mastermind Group&#160;

Real Estate Mastermind Group 

Investment real estate can help enable investors to realize regular income, capital appreciation, diversification from stocks and bonds and tax benefits.

Join our virtual webinar Real Estate Mastermind sessions to gain knowledge and insight to learn how to improve income and passive ownership in commercial and multi-family real estate.