Business Tax and Advising (EAC)

In addition to preparing returns for your business or non-profit entity, there may be times when you need additional support to meet all the compliance demands required for a business. Whether you need a short term solution or would like to bring us in to fulfill a number of tasks on a regular basis, we are here to offer the following support:

  CFO support services

  Real-time monitoring of key financial data

  Monthly or quarterly monitoring of accounting records

  Training for bookkeeping/accounting staff

  Bookkeeping services, including a virtual accounting department

  Real estate transaction and holding analysis

We also offer focused and continuous management support to help you reach your highest potential in the following ways:

  Benchmarking performance to your industry peers

  Improving profitability and general cash flow

  Reviewing key performance indicators

  Setting annual goals for improvements and reviewing progress quarterly

  Strategic planning

  Comprehensive transition/exit planning

  Assisting with retirement plans

Through it all, we’ll be there for you with independent advice and guidance you can count on. You’ve worked hard to build the life you have. Let us work just as hard to protect it.

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