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Robert (RJ) Ramirez

robert (rj) ramirez

Robert (RJ) Ramirez

Staff Accountant II

A refreshing addition to the firm, RJ brings excellent people skills and a great team attitude. He is willing to take on any job with optimism and enthusiasm. His self-assurance and confident image shows through in his daily interactions.

EAC since 2016

RJ first started at EAC in January of 2016 as a tax intern mainly preparing individual tax returns. He expressed his interest in the audit practice and shortly after began working out in the field with our audit team. Since then he has been working on various audits and is enjoying learning as much as he can and refining his skills as an auditor. His eagerness to learn and upbeat attitude allows him to excel at his work in both tax and audit. RJ graduated from Sonoma State University in May of 2016 and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. He is also aspiring to obtain his CPA license in the near future.

Outside of work RJ enjoys staying active by going on hikes, golfing, and regularly playing basketball at a local church. When he is not preparing tax returns or working on audits he spends his Saturdays and Sundays working at In N Out Burger. RJ not only has a strong work ethic but he is also extremely dedicated to his family and frequently takes trips to the South Bay to spend quality time with his grandmother. His outgoing personality, commitment to his work, and compassion for others make him a joy to be around in the workplace.