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Finances can be complicated. Especially when you’re juggling the advice of multiple professionals across several firms. Having a CPA in one office and a CFP® professional in another can leave you feeling frustrated — and for good reason. You shouldn't have to play the role of mediator between financial professionals, but sometimes it can feel like your only option.

On a mission to demystify finance, eliminate time-based fees, and provide truly integrated financial services — Eckhoff and Company & Eckhoff Wealth Management offer a comprehensive tax, advisory and financial planning experience to clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our team of licensed, highly credentialed professionals are committed to a team-based approach that puts your needs front-and-center. We offer so much more than custom strategies and fiduciary service. We deliver integrated communication and seamless collaboration across multiple facets of your financial life — all under one roof.

Our Core Values

As independent accounting and wealth management firms, our values are the driving force behind everything we do. From the advice we give our clients to the plans that drive their success — our core values define who we are, how we work, and what we do.

Fiduciary: Our team of CFP®s and CPAs are held to the highest standard of fiduciary duty and client care. We advocate for the best interests of our clients at all times and have a responsibility and passion for doing what’s right, honest and ethical. It’s a standard we are proud to uphold.

Community: Part of our mission is to help you make an even greater impact on the people and causes you care about deeply. We are committed to the success of our clients and the communities in which they operate. When we come together as a community, everyone benefits.

Collaboration: Team-based collaboration is the heart of EWM and EAC. From our strategic partnership to our commitment to supporting you on your journey toward reaching your financial goals — EWM and EAC believe teamwork is the best work and the most effective way to bring exponential value to the services we provide.

Education: Personal and professional finances can be complex. We believe education and insight are key to establishing healthy money habits and long-term wealth success. We take the time to educate you so you are equipped to make confident decisions for a lifetime.

Integrity: You might say we have relentlessly high standards for our team — and you’d be right. Especially when it comes to integrity. Which is why we: speak the truth, take responsibility, hold ourselves (and each other) accountable, are self-aware, and uphold the highest moral values. It might sound like a lot — but for us, it’s the only way we care to do business.

Transparency: From our process to our pricing, transparency is ingrained in everything we do. Our service-based pricing is unlike anything else in the industry. When you engage our services, you’ll know exactly what it will cost you. Your financial life is your life. With so much at stake, the last thing you need is a surprise, unexplained bill. To us, that’s simply unacceptable.

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Hear more from partners Michele Hassid, Eric Briese and Bruce Frankel about why EAC and EWM partnered to provide an integrated financial services experience for our clients.